With our next-generation controls, you can finally control your earphones hands-free & voice-free in any situation. Never miss that important phone call again.


Seamless, Voiceless and Touchless

Now you can answer a call or play your favorite song even when your hands are busy and without having to announce your music choices to everyone around you

Privacy first

No internet? No problem.
Our neural-interface AI algorithms operate directly in your earphones. Unlike voice, no data needs to leave your device to benefit from Wisear hands-free controls.

No more interruptions when you are in the zone

No need to interrupt your work or your presentation to find or click the right button. You can mute yourself while keeping both your hands on your keyboard and mouse.

As easy as tapping a button, our AI algorithms enable you to control your earphones without anyone noticing it, anywhere you are. We let your mind be in control.

The Future Of Human-Computer Interface

All-day long earphones usage

Our users don't need to remove their earphones anymore. Why? Because Wisear neural-based controls, enable them to control these earphones even when both their hands are busy biking, cooking or carrying groceries.

Customizable controls

Users can customize their controls to their liking and benefit from our true hands-free & silent controls while using their favorite apps in any environment.

Learn how we can help you revolutionize the way your users interact with the digital world

Seamless, Voiceless & Touchless controls for your devices to make your users happier and grow your sales.
In-person or online demo of our technology. Presentation of integrations options with your devices.
Integration of our technology with multiple hardware iterations to make sure we reach the perfect end product for your consumer.
Mass integration and manufacturing of your next-generation product line.
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