We are building the
future of Human and Machine interface

Wisear provides all users with high-speed, private, reliable, and accessible controls thanks to our products powered by the neural interface.

Our Goal

Everything we do here at Wisear has one clear goal. We are connecting humans and computers like never before by being the next big step in human-machine interfaces. We are making this technology available to millions of people by integrating into everyday devices.

Our Vision

5 years from now, we believe most of our everyday devices will be equipped with biosensing solutions, and we plan to become the neural-interface solution that is used in any device to read, process & interpret your bioelectrical-activity to make your life easier.

Our roadmap to the first EEG consumer device

Our story


Wisear is born with the goal to bring seamless Human-Machine Interfaces to everyone


First demo with 1 control based on EMG


2 very robust EMG based controls
1st Patent Application Approved


Move on to 6 controls based on EMG and EOG


Launch of our DevKit for easy integration in any AR/VR ecosystem and reduced form factor


Launch of the Wisearphones, the first-ever smart earphones powered by neural interface


Become the new standard for Human-Machine Interface

Provide wellness and medical use cases such as detection of neurological conditions such as Epilepsy, ADD, Depression, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer's, etc.

Our Values

We are not building yet another gadget that has a lot of claims and ultimately does not deliver the promised value.
Privacy + Transparency
We believe in transparency as the default behavior, both internally and externally.
We are building technology that will be accessible to everyone, regardless of nationality, disability or language.

Our Team

Camille Rougier
Head of hardware
Enzo Macri
Head of software
Matei Moldoveanu, PhD
Senior Data Scientist
Claire Ben Ali
Senior Data Scientist
DATA Scientist
Pierre Delort
Embedded Software Engineer
Valentin de Fonrocque
Hardware Engineer
Théo Martinez
Software Engineer
Asvin Soundararajan
Business Developer
Sandra Chochod
Célia Leloup
Software Engineer

Our Investors

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