Save Every Second And Stay In Control In Any Critical Situation Thanks To Wisear Neural Interface

When operating in a critical environment, your team needs the most robust and reliable communication device. Staying focused on the task at hand, keeping their hands free and operating silently is crucial to keep your personnel safe while they protect the safety of others.

Your Next-Generation Walkie Talkie

No need to push-to-talk anymore

From having fun to emergencies to extreme outdoor sports, your users can now keep their hands free from any unexpected situation while operating their favorite communication devices.

Instant and Reliable Control in Extreme Environments

What do you do if you receive an urgent comm' while hanging outside a burning building during a rescue mission? Simply use our facial & brain activity gesture recognition to open the channel without risking your safety or struggling to find your PTT button.

Customizable Controls based on the situation

Users can customize their controls to their liking and benefit from our hands-free & silent controls in different situations.

Learn how you revolutionize the way your users interact with the digital world

Here's the path our advanced features and intuitive controls can reach your consumers by adding our brain & muscle activity tracking capability.

The Future Controls of Everyday Life

Increase usage time by improving the usage scenario

Users don’t have to take off their earphones when they need both hands working at the same time. By using Wisear neural-based controls, users can wear and control their earphones anywhere and anytime in their daily life.

Customizable input and output based on users’ liking

Users can customize their controls to their liking and benefit from our true hands-free & silent controls while using different apps.

Learn how we can help you revolutionize the way your users interact with the digital world

Seamless, Voiceless & Touchless controls for your devices to make your users safer and grow your sales.
In-person or online demo of our technology. Presentation of integrations options with your devices.
Test the competitive advantage
of the Wisear neural interface associated with your AR or VR headset using our demo kit. Validate the incremental benefit
for your users with confidence.
Upgrade your devices or OS/ecosystem easily with
neural-based controls using the Wisear Dev kit and SDK.
Launch your next-generation product line with ease.
Go to Market
Gain a competitive edge in the market for your devices with the unique value proposition offered by Wisear technology - integrated natively into your products or used as a complementary accessory with our Wisearphones.
Ready to control your
device with Wisear
neural interface?
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