Go Beyond Audio. Bring Your Players the Win with our Next-Gen Controls.

Let your users enjoy the magic of our neural technology. Esport players can improve their gaming experience with our voiceless and touchless control on their favorite gaming headset. Our AI algorithms detect your users' bioelectrical activity and transform it into the most efficient controls yet.

Premium Controls On Your Gaming Headset

Hands-free controls to dominate the game

Our voiceless and touchless controls are specially designed for gamers who are looking for the best gaming experience. We enable them to open that Tac-Map or ping information to their teammates hands-free by providing brain & facial activity controls from their headset.

No more open-mic crisis

Instead of covering or removing your microphone from your mouth, our touchless control enable your users to mute their microphone hands-free and instantly while keeping both your hands on your controller.

The Future Of Human-Computer Interface

Activating the right audio mode has never been simpler

Having difficulty switching the transparency mode on or off on their headset? Thanks to our AI algorithms of facial & brain activity detection, your users won’t have to open the settings menu again and again when they need both hands playing on the keyboard.

Customizable controls for every game

Our neural-based controls are customizable for every user and video game. Users can modify their hands-free controls for each game, and stay focused on striving for greatness during clutch time.

Learn how we can help you revolutionize the way your users interact with the digital world

Seamless, Voiceless & Touchless controls for your devices to make your users happier and grow your sales.
In-person or online demo of our technology. Presentation of integrations options with your devices.
Test the competitive advantage
of the Wisear neural interface associated with your AR or VR headset using our demo kit. Validate the incremental benefit
for your users with confidence.
Upgrade your devices or OS/ecosystem easily with
neural-based controls using the Wisear Dev kit and SDK.
Launch your next-generation product line with ease.
Go to Market
Gain a competitive edge in the market for your devices with the unique value proposition offered by Wisear technology - integrated natively into your products or used as a complementary accessory with our Wisearphones.
Ready to control your
device with Wisear
neural interface?
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