Use the smartest controls to improve quality and efficiency

Allow your users to experience the wonders of our neural technology. When their hands are busy or their working environment does not allow them to use voice commands, professional workers can benefit from our voiceless and touchless controls over their devices.

Transform Your Professional Workforce

Leave no room for errors

Manufacturing workers on the factory floor deal with a lot of noise. Chances are voice controls are not always available or reliable. Our neural-based control works in any working environment, enabling them to stay truly hands-free.

Optimize Workflow, reduce down-time and increase productivity

Start a video recording, call tech-support, or access real-time data. Your warehouse employees can launch commands instantly and finish their tasks faster without ever having to stop working with both hands.

Equip any industrial AR smart glasses with
the most advanced
neural technology

As easy as pressing a button!
Our AI algorithms can detect the bioelectrical signals generated by your users and turn it into to an instant trigger.

Users can learn our gestures easily in less than a minute and immediately enjoy the convenience that our technology provides. No calibration needed.

The Future Of Human-Computer Interface

Reduce Errors By Accessing Real-time Support

For healthcare and telemedicine, we enable them to maintain a high level of accuracy and stay 100% focused. Using Wisear's neural technology, one simple gesture is all it takes to get help from an expert or a remote colleague. Reduce the risk of error and increase your overall productivity without interrupting your work.

Customize controls based on your needs

Depending on the different working conditions and tasks required workers can customize their controls. They can select their inputs and outputs to decide how our system can benefit them the most. Our solution adapts to all work conditions and reduces costs of building different devices or solutions.

Learn how we can help you revolutionize the way your users interact with the digital world

Seamless, Voiceless & Touchless controls for your devices to make your users happier and grow your sales.
In-person or online demo of our technology. Presentation of integrations options with your devices.
Test the competitive advantage
of the Wisear neural interface associated with your AR or VR headset using our demo kit. Validate the incremental benefit
for your users with confidence.
Upgrade your devices or OS/ecosystem easily with
neural-based controls using
the Wisear Dev kit and SDK. Launch your next-generation product line with ease.
Go to Market
Gain a competitive edge in the market for your devices with the unique value proposition offered by Wisear technology - integrated natively into your products or used as a complementary accessory with our Wisearphones.
Ready to control your
device with Wisear
neural interface?
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