The First Smart Earphones With
Neural-Based Controls

Discover the world's first earphones powered by neural interface offering full hands-free and voice-free control of any XR device.

True Hands Free & Voiceless Experience

Meet Wisear Neural interface. We are building the first technology that enables people to get seamless, voiceless, and touchless controls on their devices.


Wireless, Small, and Bluetooth Compatible

Start testing very SOON how Wisear products can change your daily interactions with your smartphone, tablet, or AR/VR headset.


6 Accurate and
Robust Controls

We can now provide your users with 6 neural-activity-based controls leveraging their facial and eye activity, allowing them to enjoy the fastest and the most reliable mixed reality experience.


Customized Controls Based On Your Liking

Available on both daily and professional basis. Users can customize their hands-free controls to suit their needs such as exercising, gaming, working, etc.

Discover the best use cases for your industry and partner with Wisear to upgrade your user experience right away

Tech specs

Fully Conductive Polymer
S, S+, M, M+, L & L+
2 ExG Channels
5.0 for audio in and out / 5.3 (BLE) for neural interface controls
Analog front-end
Low Power & small footprint amplification stage
Microcontroller specs
ARM Cortex M4
85mAh / 3.7V Li-lon
AI ALgorithms
Low footprint Neural Interface AI algorithms running on the device
Ready to control your
device with Wisear
neural interface?
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