Voiceless and touchless control over your smartphone, laptop and AR/VR headset is now possible with Wisear’s scientifically validated, patented technology.

Tldr: Wisear, the deep tech company building a neural interface for humans to seamlessly control their devices, has been recognized as ‘Innovation Awards Honoree’ at CES 2023 as one of the top-ranked products in the ‘Headphones & Personal Audio’ category. Following the closing of Wisear’s seed round, they heavily invested in their R&D and developed the first-ever neural-sensing wireless earphones with two fully functional voiceless and touchless controls. Wisear’s remarkable new brain-sensing wearables are available for press-exclusive demonstrations at CES Unveiled today, and for the public to try from January 5 to 8 at booth 60601, part of the French Tech delegation in the Eureka Park at The Venetian in Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas, January 3, 2023 – Wisear, the fast-growing deep tech company that built a neural interface for humans to seamlessly control their devices, is honored to be recognized as Innovation Awards Honoree’ at CES 2023 in the ‘Headphones & Personal Audio’ category for the world’s first-ever smart earphones with neural-based controls along with prominent industry leaders Logitech & Jabra. These unique, new brain-sensing wearables will be available for the public to try at booth 60601, in the Eureka Park at The Venetian in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8. 

The CES Innovation Awards program is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. The program recognizes honorees in a multitude of consumer technology product categories and distinguishes the highest rated in each. 

As the creator of an innovative neural interface, Wisear uses tiny electrodes to record brain, eye and facial activity—signals that their recently patented AI technology then transforms into intuitive controls, letting users take actions such as playing music or answering a phone call without using their hands or voice. Wisear technology enables everyday devices to become natural extensions of our mind and intents in a way that is faster, more private and more inclusive than ever.

To empower daily interactions with our digital devices, Wisear has gone a step further and is launching ‘Perceive’, the first-ever wireless earphones that can be controlled silently and hands-free, thanks to a neural interface that decodes brain and facial activity straight from the ears. This upcoming version has two controls based on facial muscle activity. By the end of 2023, Wisear will be releasing new controls based on eye activity. In 2024, the first features based on brain activity will be added to offer a complete portfolio of interface controls, enabling all the main actions in our digital life.

Just like the touch interface paved the way for the new generation of devices known as smartphones and the digital ecosystem or app economy, Wisear's vision is to open the next-generation human-computer interface to all in the very near future. Ultimately, our online interactions will become more private, fast, inclusive and native than ever.

“With our next-generation earphones and upcoming devices, we want to become the keyboard and mouse of the digital experiences of the future—empowered by AR/VR and the metaverse,” says Yacine Achiakh, Wisear’s CEO and Cofounder. “This revolution will not happen until we can totally reinvent the way humans interact with their machines, in the most natural way possible—hands-free, high speed, accessible for all and at all times, without the limitations we are already experiencing with text, click and voice.”

He adds: “With our ecosystem of neural-interface powered products, Wisear is paving the way to this upcoming societal change.”

Wisear has also received the first-ever 2023 Reviewed AccessABILITY Awards at CES, further cementing the company’s reputation for innovation. At Wisear, accessibility is a top priority, and they are dedicated to creating devices that can be used by people of all abilities. On January 6 at 12:30 PM PST, Wisear co-founder Yacine Achiakh will speak on stage at the LVCC Grand lobby, alongside the Reviewed jury and other award recipients, to discuss this achievement.

Visitors are invited to meet the Wisear team at booth 60.601 at Eureka Park at the Venetian Convent Center - Hall G, and try out this groundbreaking technology for themselves. The booth will be open from January 5th at 10AM PST until January 7th 6PM PST.

About Wisear:

Wisear (https://wisear.io) is developing a product for device makers to satisfy users’ needs for high-speed, private and inclusive controls. We are building the first neural interface that can be integrated into any wireless earphones or AR/VR headsets.

Here is a quick product explainer and below are demos proving they can already enable people to get voiceless and touchless control over their earphones and AR/VR/XR headset.

Wisear was co founded by Yacine Achiakh and Alain Sirois.

Achiakh, CEO of Wisear, graduated from ESSEC Business School (Paris). He scaled a few AI-based products from $0 to $100M per year as Product Manager at Criteo in San Francisco before deciding to apply all his learnings to Wisear, which he cofounded with Sirois in 2019.

Sirois, CTO, graduated with a Master in Neurotechnology from the Imperial College in London and a Bachelor in Computer Sciences from Supélec. He spent five years leading a team of data scientists at Criteo in Paris and San Francisco. After successfully developing some of the now most used assets at Criteo with Achiakh, he realized he wanted to use his expertise for the greater good. Sirois has always loved cracking extremely complicated problems and, leading the team of engineers and scientists at Wisear, he's already pushed the boundaries of miniaturization and optimization of neural interfaces to give people high-speed, private and inclusive control over their digital world.

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