🇺🇸We are beyond proud to announce we've obtained a NEW US patent, which is key for the miniaturization of our product and eventual release of the first smart earphones with neural interfaces!

Wisear obtained in Aug 2023 a new US patent

🔍 Why is Miniaturization Vital for Us?

In our journey towards ubiquity, we're aiming to make neural interfaces as unobtrusive as everyday life itself by embedding them in sleek earbuds the size of AirPods. Over the past 18 months, we've already scaled down our prototype by 4x and launched the Single-Ear Wireless earphones. While this patent is a pivotal development, the road to achieving AirPod-sized earbuds remains a long one.

📐 What Does this New Patent Signify?

In our miniaturization efforts, we are heavily investing in AI and Hardware research with the goal of revolutionizing signal processing and noise reduction. The US patent approval is a triumph, focusing on Undersampling—an algorithmic gem that slashes latency and computational costs for bioelectric signals by over 2x on earphone chipsets. This patent is a pivotal leap, enabling out model to operate on increasingly compact components, propelling our technology towards a seamless integration with all the audio features prevalent in today's devices.�

🌟 What does this Mean for Wisear and What's Next?

No more bulky gear or separate devices— this patent represents a clear differentiator for Wisear. We are working hard to miniaturize our earphones into mainstream earbuds within the next 18 months.

We can't take our team enough for their dedication, innovation, and passion!