Tldr: Wisear and PICO have teamed up to bring neural-based voice- and hands-free controls for a more immersive VR experience with PICO headsets. The collaboration will be unveiled at the Augmented World Expo (AWE). Users can benefit from next-generation VR experiences with high-speed, accessible, and private controls. This technology compatibility sets a new standard for the VR industry and offers a more seamless way for users to experience VR.

Santa Clara, CA — May 29, 2023 — Wisear, a Paris-based deep-tech startup and developer of neural interface-powered products for AR and VR users, has partnered up with PICO, a leading manufacturer of VR devices and solutions, to bring a new level of immersive interaction to PICO VR headsets. The collaboration will be officially unveiled at the Augmented World Expo (AWE), the world's largest AR/VR conference, taking place in Santa Clara, California, from May 31 to June 2, 2023.

Thanks to Wisear's neural interface-powered earphones, PICO users can now benefit from a hand- and voice-free VR experience offering high-speed, accessible, and private controls. This seamless interaction lets users fully immerse themselves in their VR experiences without any constraints.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with PICO and offer a new generation of controls that VR users truly deserve,” said Yacine Achiakh, CEO of Wisear. “Over the past 30 years, we have moved from a computer with a keyboard and mouse as an input to a smartphone with a touchscreen. As the next generation of the platform is coming, and VR headsets are on the horizon, a new mix of human-computer interfaces needs to be designed. Through this collaboration with PICO, we validated the compatibility of our neural-based smart earphones with a best-in-class headset like the PICO Neo 3 Pro and the added benefit for users. We hope to set a new standard for the VR industry and offer a more accessible and seamless way for users to experience VR.”

Alizé Amrani, Enterprise Marketing Manager EMEAI, added, “We, at PICO, are proud to offer leading innovative and advanced VR solutions on the market. This collaboration with Wisear highlights the full potential of PICO’s products, demonstrating how VR users will benefit from hands- and voice-free controls in the future. We look forward to seeing what developers and users will create with this technology.”

The Wisear and PICO collaboration showcases many benefits to users, including:

  • A seamless and intuitive way to interact with VR environments
  • Hands- and voice-free controls for a more immersive experience
  • High-speed and accessible interactions, ideal for organizations and business applications
  • Private controls for more confidential applications

From managing notifications in a professional environment to navigating your favorite entertainment platform or enhancing your gaming experience, Wisear technology makes moving between the AR/VR and real worlds easier.

Visit booth S50 at the AWE to test the compatibility of Wisear’s smart earphones with the PICO Neo 3 Pro.

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About Wisear:

Wisear is a deep-tech startup whose mission is to invent the next generation of human-computer interfaces. Wisear develops neural-interface powered products for AR/VR users to seamlessly interact with their augmented and virtual worlds, thanks to high-speed, private and accessible controls. Wisear was founded in 2019 by Yacine Achiakh and Alain Sirois. Achiakh, CEO of Wisear, previously scaled AI-based products to $100M per year as a Product Manager at Criteo in San Francisco. Sirois, CTO, has a Master's in Neurotechnology from Imperial College and led a team of data scientists at Criteo before co-founding Wisear. Wisear has won two awards, including the Honoree of CES 2023 Innovation Awards and the first-ever AccessABILITY award.

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About PICO:

Founded in March 2015, PICO is a leading VR company with independent innovation and R&D capabilities, focusing on all-in-one VR technology. PICO is on a mission to bridge connections, enrich life and release infinity, and is committed to building an integrated XR platform that inspires the community and empowers developers, creators and businesses.

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