We're thrilled to have had our co-founder and CEO, Yacine ACHIAKH, join Tech & Co again thanks to BFM Business and François Sorel!

It was an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest tech news alongside other experts like Claudia Cohen, Jérôme Marin, and Luc Chagnon. During the segment, we delved into some exciting topics, including:

  • Meta's latest earnings report and investment strategy on AR/VR. Yacine shared his vision (9’22) on how "XR will have one day its ChatGPT moment." With Apple set to release its mixed reality headset later this year and invest in future generations of mixed reality devices, it's possible that this moment is just around the corner. Don't forget to check out our previous LinkedIn article on this topic for more insights!
  • The competition between tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and others on LLM and generative AI models. Be sure to catch the full video of the Tech & Co segment at the link here - https://bit.ly/3Vs70a9