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Experience time travel with Wisear’s futuristic Human-Machine Interface unveiled at CES in the 'WiseAR Pod'

Join Wisear at CES 2024 for the unveiling of 'The WiseAR Pod' – an immersive experience showcasing a future where you control your audio, AR and XR devices using just your facial, eyes and brain activity - no need for your hands nor your voice! Featuring Two innovative demos, the event promises a glimpse into a world enhanced by groundbreaking neural interface technology. Visit us from Jan 9-12 at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, and witness the future of human-machine interaction. Booking:

Las Vegas, NV – January 2, 2023: Wisear, a pioneer in neural interface technology, is set to unveil 'The WiseAR Pod' at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, taking place at The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas, from January 9 to 12. This groundbreaking experience invites visitors to step into a day in the future, showcasing how Wisear's technology could revolutionize interaction between humans and machines in the audio, augmented and extended reality (AR/XR) domains.

“What we’re showing here is the result of 4 years of intense R&D. We’re super excited to let field experts finally try out our controls.”
- Wisear CEO Yacine Achiakh
The Wisear Neural Interface x AR demo at CES

The Future Is Now: Three Revolutionary Demonstrations

  1. Seamless Control Of Your Environment: Imagine controlling your home’s connected devices without lifting a finger or uttering a word. This demo lets users interact with their home environment in the most intuitive way possible
  2. Augmenting AR Devices: Experience the full potential of AR headsets, enhanced by the seamless integration of Wisear's interface, redefining user engagement with digital content.
  3. Surprise Demo: A mysterious, on-site only demonstration awaits, promising to challenge even the most knowledgeable of you while leveraging Wisear’s novel way to interact with our everyday devices

Exclusive Invitation to AR/XR Brands, Partners, Media, and Creators

Wisear warmly invites all Audio & AR/XR brands, partners, media, and creators to visit them at EurekaPark and immerse themselves in the WiseAR Pod experience. Leveraging leading XR devices like Xreal Air and DigiLens Argo, Wisear guarantees a demonstration like no other. Imagine that tomorrow you can control your house or #AR ♬ original sound -

Booking and Availability

The WiseAR Pod experience will be available from January 9 to 12. To schedule a personal demonstration, interested parties are encouraged to email Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to glimpse into the future of human-machine interaction.

Meet the Minds Behind the Magic

Yacine Achiakh, CEO of Wisear, along with the Product, Marketing and Business Development Leads, will be available throughout CES 2024. They look forward to presenting Wisear’s vision, discussing potential collaborations, and organizing personalized demonstrations of the WiseAR Pod.

Join Us in Redefining Interaction

Wisear is on a mission to redefine how we interact with the digital world. 'The WiseAR Pod' at CES 2024 is not just an experience; it's a glimpse into a future where technology and human intent converge seamlessly. Be part of this revolutionary journey.

📅 The WiseAR Pod - Jan 9 to 12
📍 EurekaPark - The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas
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Wisear is a deeptech startup whose mission is to invent the next generation of human-computer interfaces. Wisear develops neural-interface powered products for Audio & AR/VR users to seamlessly interact with their augmented and virtual worlds thanks to high speed, private and accessible controls. Wisear was founded in 2019 by Yacine Achiakh and Alain Sirois. Achiakh, CEO of Wisear, previously scaled AI-based products to $100M per year as a Product Manager at Criteo in San Francisco. Sirois, CTO, has a Master's in Neurotechnology from Imperial College and led a team of data scientists at Criteo before co-founding Wisear. Wisear has won two awards, including the Honoree of CES 2023 Innovation Awards and the first-ever AccessABILITY award.

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