⌚️🧠 The Most Exciting News from Apple's Keynote? Hand-free Interfaces are coming to the Apple Watch with ‘Double Tap’!

In their annual product keynote yesterday, Apple took a significant leap towards new type of interfaces enabling hands-free interactions - at least for one hand! - with the introduction of 'Double Tap' on the Apple Watch Series 9.

This feature allows users to control their smartwatch by simply tapping their thumb and index finger together in the air. No need to touch the screen; it frees up your other hand. It's even the first feature showcased in the Apple Watch Series 9 introduction video!

As Jason Aten from Inc. Magazine stated:
'Sometimes the best improvement you can make to a product is give a customer a new way of using something familiar.

'Why is 'Double Tap' launch important? 🌟

1. More Seamless and Accessible Controls for our Mobile Lifestyles:

'Double Tap' enhances the accessibility and seamlessness of the Apple Watch, especially when you can't use both hands. It's a game-changer for multitasking and busy lifestyles, aligning with Wisear's core mission of providing instant, private, and accessible controls for everyone.

2. Maybe Soon Neural Interfaces Integration?

Apple's embrace of more seamless interfaces in mainstream products is a significant milestone. It underscores their belief that such innovations are must-have for the next generation of digital devices and paves the way for future developments. While Apple is starting with the Apple Watch, it's highly likely they will extend hands-free interactions to more widely adopted products, such as... the AirPods! And equipping AirPods or other devices with hands-free interactions will require an investment in Neural Interfaces and capture of EOG, EMG and additional bio-signals... What seems to demonstrate the recent patent granted to Apple equipping AirPods with dozens of electrodes (see our previous article on the topic)

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3. Market Education and UI Standards:

Apple's adoption of a new interface educates the market about its capabilities. Additionally, Apple is setting the standard for which gesture corresponds to which output. This serves as a fantastic catalyst for companies like Wisear, as Apple is among the few capable of rapidly creating new digital habits for billions of people.

4. Hands-Free Revolution: 'Double Tap' is just the beginning.

Fully hands-free interactions will revolutionize how we engage with technology, catering to our increasingly mobile lives. Freeing up one hand is no longer sufficient; we will need to interact with our devices without using our hands at all. This aligns with Wisear's vision to leverage facial muscular, eye, and brain activity as inputs for interactions, going beyond hand gestures.

🤩… and Bonus News! Apple confirmed the shipment of the Apple Vision Pro headset for early 2024! Important note - we don’t talk about XR anymore but about Spatial Computing now ;).

Read more about Double Tap on Inc. Magazine, and about the Apple Watch Series 9 on Apple website! 🌐📱💫