Our CEO and co-founder Yacine ACHIAKH was a guest last week on BFM Business' Tech & Co show, where he discussed the latest news in the tech industry alongside Ben Marrel from Breega, Christophe Aulnette, former President of Microsoft South Asia and France, and Julien Villeret, EDF Director of Innovation.

During the interview, Yacine shared his expert opinion on key topics such as:

1. How early-stage startups, particularly those with long tech maturation cycles, can be shielded from the global decrease in tech fundraising.

2️. The impact that Gen AI can have in improving user interfaces and how it complements Wisear's development.

3️. The importance for Europe to invest in cybersecurity and how public and private sectors can collaborate.

4️. The opportunity for the French government to invest in disruptive innovations like deep tech and create tech giants of the future.

Check out the interview and spot Yacine and Ben from Breega around 34'09: https://bit.ly/3zPdxls

Continue on the second part via this link: https://www.bfmtv.com/economie/replay-emissions/tech-and-co/tech-co-partie-2-06-04_VN-202304060827.html