Introducing Wisear's Single-Ear Neural-Interface Earphones, a major hardware milestone for the Wisear team

🎧🧠 Our bioelectrical activity-based controls traditionally demanded electrodes on both sides of the face – until now.

Our engineers have cracked the code by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge neural technology into the sleek form factor of single-ear True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones! No cords, no compromises – just pure innovation

💡 The release of our Single-Ear Neural-Interface powered earphones are a testament to relentless research, meticulous electrode positioning, and a finely tuned analog-front end (AFE). All of this technology seamlessly nestled within a device barely distinguishable from mainstream earbuds in size!

👂 And we're just getting started! Wisear's passionate team is steadfast in their commitment to further miniaturize and refine our earphones!

If you're a VR/AR/audio brand manufacturer and want to experience Wisear's neural interfaces and earphones firsthand, get in touch with us at the link below and access our demo kit 👇