Our vision

Everything we do here at Wisear is geared towards a clear goal: bringing humans and computers closer than ever before and making this technology accessible to millions of people through everyday products, and not some fancy equipment that you can only find in labs.
5 years from now, we believe most of our everyday devices will be equipped with biosensing solutions, and we plan on being the biometric technology for brain activity on every wearable device, giving valuable insights.

Backend Software Engineern
Gaspard DUCAMP
SR Machine Learning Scientist
Claire Ben Ali
Machine Learning Engineer
Antoine Lebaud
Machine Learning Engineer
Camille Rougier
Sr Technical Product Manager Hardware
Aurélien Vu Ngoc
Machine Learning Engineer Intern
Asvin SOUNDARARAJAN Business Developer

Our vision


We are genuinely interested in getting more understanding of underlying brain mechanisms, and to use everything we learn for the benefit of the society through our solutions.


We believe in transparency as the default behaviour, both internally and externally. No concern or topic is off the table for the stakeholders of the company, whether it is the employees of the company or the customers.

Science First

Everything we do at Wisear will be scientifically proven. We are not building another gadget that has a lot of claims and ultimately does not deliver the promised value.

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