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Over the years, humans have attempted to make brain-computer interaction as effortless as possible, but the progress has been limited. At Wisear, we aim to make breakthroughs in this field making neurotechnology more accessible than ever before, integrated into everyday devices like earphones.

Till now, we have been able to record brain electrical activity - called electroencephalogram or EEG - using electrodes placed on the scalp. The extent of the potential use cases is massive, ranging from medical diagnosis to control to relaxation, but the size and looks of current devices for such recording has prevented their usage by the public, both on a large scale and on a regular basis. This is necessary if the most promising use cases are to be unlocked.

Recent progress in the technology has allowed EEG signals to be recorded by electrodes placed on the ear. Very recent publications (2019 - Dry Contact Ear-EEG&2017 - Physiological artifacts in scalp EEG and ear-EEG) showcase that this method of ‘Ear-EEG’ has shown good results, and that in-ear electrodes are capable of comparable EEG recording to those placed on the scalp.

Using our expertise in signal processing and AI, we are able to process and transform the signals that we record into controls for your user.

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