Our Services

You can license our neuronal biosensing solution to create the next generation of your product with intuitive controls. Our offering is: 


We allow your users to get voiceless and touchless control of their devices when their hands are occupied, or too sweaty like during cooking or exercising.

Walkie Talkie:

In the most critical and quick response situations, users can use our technology to open communication with his/her peers, replacing the Push-To-Talk button. 

VR / Gaming:

Use our technology to control and take action in a virtual environment, or toggle your mics without taking your hands off your controls, remaining focused.

Here's how these advanced features and intuitive controls can reach your consumers: 


In person or online demo of the technology, along with discussions of how it can be integrated into your devices.


Integration of our technology into your product, with multiple hardware iterations to make sure we reach the perfect end product for your consumer.


Mass integration and manufacturing of the product.


Your next-generation device with Wisear's neural-based controls start transforming people's life.